Sunday 28 December 2008

DOT says....Merry Christmas and Happy NEw Year!

DOT would like to wish everyone a merry CHristmas and a Happy New Year. 

Despite the pesky credit crunch, DOT have manged to grow and are looking forward to a more fruitful and exciting 2009. We would like to thank all those who supported us during 2008 and hope to work alongside you , and new faces next year. 

All the best

The DOT boys. 

Tuesday 9 December 2008

DOT.Graphics in demand

With the economic climate as it is, DOT.Graphics have had an increase in instructions for marketing/graphic work. With a downturn in demand, companies from all fields are having to be sure that their brand sends out the right message to potential clients.  DOT have created graphic work for a broad spectrum of disciplines, from simple logo redesign, to full graphics and marketing packages. Get in touch if your brand needs a retouch.

Projects shown are marketing literature for an architect redevelopment of Poundbury, Dorchester, and a rebrand for the cleaning firm Daisymaid. 

Hey Bournemouth, wish you were here?

Darren H: On our recent trip around Europe (me and the wife),our final destination was the spectacular Guggenheim, in Bilbao. A place the two of us have wanted to go for years, but never had the chance. They say you should never meet your idol because you will be disappointed, well this wasn't the case here. Amazing building that is breathtaking. Contemporary architecture can sometimes be a show of new and exciting methods/materials in construction, a lesson in engineering. To create a space that has not only pushed engineering boundaries, but still offers a sense of real inspiration and leaves you speechless, well that is the work of a genius.

Designed by the Architect Frank Gehry, this was one of his first commissions in Europe and Kick started his career out of America. If you are interested, Sydney Pollack directed a film called 'Sketches of Frank Gehry' which is unmissable for the Contemporary Architecture Fan, lets hope we could inspire some designs of this standard here in Bournemouth. 

I have to add that since its construction the city of Bilbao has gone from strength to strength, and was once a port with no real identity. Hats  off to the city council who have realised the impact decent architecture can have on a place, with more exciting projects being built, Bilbao has become a must see place, not just for architecture fans.

Wednesday 26 November 2008

DOT move further afield

DOT Architecture collaborate with Geoff Oliver Assiociates in Kent to provide this scheme for a single family house. 

Although Bournemouth based we have spread our architecture wings to Kent, Geoff requested our design services for this house to help gain a scheme that was not only sympathetically designed, but also commercially viable in this dreaded recession.

Thanks also to for providing the visualisation, which went down very well with the client.
The first of many future collaborations we hope. 

Sunday 26 October 2008

Approvals for DOT. Architecture so far...

Its been a good start so far for DOT.

We seem to be bucking the recession trend and still are gaining important approvals for a variety of clients.

Our approach of working so closely with client and planning department has meant that we can achieve schemes that are acceptable to both parties while not compromising on architectural design style.

We have seen an increase in home owners looking to extend to their existing house, due to the economic downturn. It is a great way of giving you the extra space required without having to move house in a very unstable market. Of course we are still taking instructions from a few developers, and our approvals include luxury flats in southampton.

Friday 4 July 2008

Dot thank iDorset for support!!

DOT throw out a massive thanks to iDorset for their support. iDorset offer a chance for webgoers to find local businesses, from accountant to solicitors you can find what you need locally - check them out at

Thanks again iDorset, heres to the future!

Friday 27 June 2008

We finally Dot up and Running

After all this time, DOT is finally up and running on the web. For you guys new to us, DOT is a young and up and coming team of designers, our work varies from large architectural schemes to small graphics projects. We will be using this blog to keep our current and prospective clients, up to date with our growth as a firm. Please feel free to jump in and have a poke around...ta x

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